Why do soccer players wear gloves? all you need to know

You often see soccer players wearing Gloves. You must be thinking about that Why do soccer players wear gloves?  below are a few reasons why they wear soccer gloves.

5 reasons why do soccer players wear gloves

To keep themselves Warm

 Soccer players wear soccer gloves to keep their hands warm in winter. In winter the temperature of the Soccer stadium gets very cold and as you know most of the matches are played in the evening, the temperature goes down even more in the evening, by wearing gloves a player prevents himself from getting cold and gets an advantage by giving proper focus on his/her game instead of the cold fingers. 

If you feel nice and warm you will be able to play to your full capacity. But If you don’t feel comfortable due to cold or any other reason you won’t be able to play. 

For Looking Good/fashion

It’s not a surprise that soccer players are fashionable on the pitch as well. They want to look good all the time. Nowadays, soccer is more than just a game it’s fashion as well.

Cristiano Ronaldo wearing black gloves Why do soccer players wear gloves

One of the reasons why soccer player wear gloves are because they think wearing gloves make them look good and attractive and they are right. It is very important for them to look good on the pitch because they play in front of large audiences and they have a huge fan following as well on the internet. 

Protecting Hands from injuries

One of the reasons to wear soccer gloves is to protect oneself from injuries during matches. As there are many chances of hand injuries during the game, especially for those players who slide during the match, so players can be injured because when a player falls or slides his hands are rubbed on the surface of the ground which results in the form of cuts, which take time to recover.

For Comfort

Another reason for wearing soccer gloves is to get comfortable. As the weather is cold and sometimes there are cold or blustery winds, the players get disturbed and lose focus, and become unable to give their best performance.

Neymar wearing black gloves

So the soccer gloves are of special fabric which helps players to prevent the cold and blustery winds and give them an extra comfort. 

For Better Grip

You must be thinking, why would a soccer player hold or grip the soccer ball with their hands? The soccer pitch is watered before the match, to allow the players to slide smoothly. 

But the soccer ball also becomes wet which means it is hard to throw the ball with no gloves when the ball crosses the sideline (out). That is where the gloves help players to have a better grip on the soccer ball when throwing.

 A correct throw is necessary for the players because if they make the wrong throw they will allow the opposing team a chance to score a goal. 

So many players use Soccer gloves to make the correct throw. If a player doesn’t wear them there are a lot of chances that the ball can slip from his hand to the ball is wet. 

You may also see players in professional matches drying the wet soccer balls with their shirts, just because they don’t like to wear gloves.

Is wearing soccer gloves allowed in soccer?

In the rules of Soccer, it is not discouraging to wear gloves. A player can wear gloves at his own choice or willingness.

 Players also use it for several advantages to prevent themselves from injuries for fashion or to express themselves on the ground. So because of these reasons players made soccer gloves a part of their uniform.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar wearing black gloves

All the things are allowed in soccer as long as they are not harmful to other players.

Wearing gloves and short sleeves

Sometimes you may see soccer players wearing warm winter gloves along with a short-sleeved warm-weather jersey. Have you ever thought about why players do that? 

There could be a few justifications. Firstly, there are a few parts of the body that get freezing in winter like fingers, ears, head, and feet.

Arms do not get freeze easily that why they prefer to wear half sleeves shirts with gloves to protect their hands from cold.

The second reason could be that soccer players have tattoos on their hands and they want to show off them.

The third reason and last reason could be that players wear gloves just for fashion. Some of the players that prefer wearing gloves with short sleeves shirts are Riyad Karim Mahrez, Sergio Aguero, Nicolas Otamendi, and Anthony Martial

Disadvantages of wearing Soccer Gloves

The only authentic negative that some soccer players might face when they’re wearing gloves is that it slightly increases the chance of an unintended handball.

As soccer players know, a handball is a penalty. Since gloves make a person’s fingers and hands just a little bit bigger, there’s added risk but it’s very rare.

The difference between goalie gloves and other player gloves

The most common goalie glovers today are made of leather, synthetic materials, and neoprene foam. There is also an increasing number of goalie gloves that are not only comfortable but also very stylish. It’s specially designed for the goalkeepers to catch the soccer ball easily and to keep them safe from hitting the ball hard.

The difference between goalie gloves and other player gloves

Moreover, other players’ gloves are specially designed to keep the hands warm. Sometimes the players use it as a fashion statement as well.


In my opinion, I would prefer to wear soccer gloves as it is not prohibited by soccer rules and it has many advantages rather than disadvantages like protection, and comfort and can be used to express yourself during the match. What do you think, do you prefer to wear soccer gloves?

FAQS | Why do soccer players wear gloves

Can goalkeepers play soccer without gloves?

Technically, Yes as there is no rule in FIFA for a goalkeeper to wear gloves. However, most professional goalkeepers feel that wearing gloves helps them play better and gives them an edge over their opponents.

This is because gloves provide a layer of protection for the hands, which is very important for a goalkeeper. Additionally, they can help improve a goalkeeper’s grip on the ball and create friction when they catch the ball.

How do gloves protect the hands of a soccer player from injury?

Many times soccer players have to slide while sliding on the ground their hands can create friction with the ground and get carpet burned. Wearing gloves can protect your hands from getting carpet burned.

Why do soccer players wear black gloves?

There are a few reasons why you see many players wearing black gloves. Black color can hide dirt easily. Black color absorbs heat more effectively than other colors.

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