Why Do Soccer Players Fake Injuries? All You Need To know


While watching a soccer match it is common to see soccer players faking injuries. Have you ever thought about why do soccer players fake injuries? Well, It is part of soccer to fake an injury, and players do so for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are given below. 

Reasons why soccer players fake injuries

To Attract the Referee’s Attention

Faking an Injury is a good strategy to use if you are in a situation where you need to attract the attention of the referee. This trick is used by many soccer players to get the referee’s attention and to influence the referee to make decisions in their favor.  

This is also most often done in the penalty box when the player is about to take a penalty kick. They will fake an injury and then get up as fast as possible so that the referee has no time to check on them. They fake it just to get a penalty.

To Create a Potential Goal-scoring Opportunity

The most obvious reason to fake an injury is to create a potential goal-scoring opportunity. We’ve all seen this happen in games where a player has dived. The referee awards them a free kick for a goal-scoring opportunity. 

When the player dives to create the appearance of an injury the referee is more likely to be distracted and give the player a free kick. This is why they want to be able to predict what the referee will do and when they know this they can change their tactics accordingly.

To Waste Time  

If you are faking an injury, you are doing the opposite of wasting time. According to soccer rules, the match time does not stop if an injury or anything happens and if the game is paused for some reason so the referee gives the exact time at the end which is mostly less than the accurate time that is wasted.

So this trick is mostly used by the players whose team is in the lead, the player will make a fake injury to advantage his team over the opposition by providing less time to an opponent for a goal. You will mostly see this situation in the extra time of the game.

To Punish Another Player

Faking Injury gives you a competitive advantage over the other player. This is a great strategy for punishing another player. It allows you to put the other player in a difficult situation. The best part is that the other player cannot retaliate because you have been injured.

When you have been playing for a while, you will notice how some of your opponents fake injuries and can get the referees to make decisions against you, for example, by giving you a card, sending you off, or even suspending you for a match. This could be due to them not wanting to let you play.

To Attempt to Regain Possession of the Ball

When you lose the ball due to pressure from your opponent. Faking an injury can be a great strategy to regain possession of the ball quickly and effectively.

When you attempt fake injury, you are in the best position to control the ball as long as your body is on the ground.

If a player’s body is on the ground and his/her head is down, and he keeps acting like he is seriously injured, the referee is more likely to decide to give him/her possession of the ball.

How to Spot a Player Who’s Faking an Injury

Injuries happen all the time. Sometimes, they occur because of foul play. Other times, they just happen accidentally. Sometimes the players fake injuries. But how does one know that the other player is faking an injury?

To spot a player who’s faking an injury by noticing a player complaining of an injury that he/she has no visible signs of, there is a chance that they are faking.

The other best way to tell if someone is faking an injury is by their body language. If they are constantly rubbing or massaging their injured area, this is a sign that they are faking it.

The one sign that a player is faking an injury is that they won’t acknowledge it and the player will lie about being injured and continue to play the game.  

Does faking an injury have an impact on your performance?

It has an impact on your performance only if the referee catches you faking an injury. You can get a red card or a yellow card and even you can face a ban from matches. So keep these things in my while you are faking an injury.

It doesn’t have any bad or good impact on your performance. Many players use it to gain some advantages. 

Why Do Soccer Players Fake Injuries? All You Need To know

How to Prevent other soccer players from Faking Injuries?

The only way to prevent other soccer players from faking an injury is to have a neutral referee while you are playing. The referee must be active and keep his/her eyes open during the game. 

The best scenario is to have two referees while playing the match. One referee on the pitch and one on the sideline. If one misses the player who is faking injury, the other can easily spot it. 

The Punishment for Faking an Injury in Soccer

Faking an injury is considered a foul in soccer and it that can get you in trouble.

It’s totally up to the referee’s decision, if a player is caught by the referee while faking an injury he/she can get a yellow card or even a red card. But most of the players can get a yellow card.

Do Players Always Fake Injuries?

Not always, There are times when a player may fake an injury and use that as an advantage. However, there are also times when players may be genuinely injured.

You may see a player is injured seriously but the referee will not take any action because these days referees are confused about whether the injury is real or fake and very hard to spot.

This practice of fake injuries is much followed by those players who don’t have the potential to play, lack confidence in themself, and fear losing the match. 

Is faking injury legal and ethical in soccer?

Faking an injury in soccer is not legal and ethical. According to the rules of soccer, if a referee catches you faking an injury, you can get a yellow. This act is cheating because you are acting like you are injured and then using that injury to your advantage. 

Nowadays faking an injury is very common in international soccer. Players even practice how to fake an injury. In 90 minutes of gameplay, you will see a lot of players faking their injuries just to have an extra advantage.

How do Referees prevent faking injuries in international soccer games?

The video assistant referee was introduced into the Premier League in November 2018 and has been a huge success. It uses computer technology to review decisions made by the referees.

How does it work? A second person, called an additional ref, sits next to the linesman. They are responsible for monitoring every incident during a game and recording their decision.

To do this, they watch replays of the incidents that occur on the field via a television screen. In addition to the referee’s call being reviewed by the additional ref, there is also an independent third party who reviews the footage if necessary.

There are two main types of situations where VAR comes in handy. One is when there is doubt about a foul or a player may be injured.

How Referees prevent a faking injury in modern-day soccer 

Faking injuries is a very common problem in soccer. Many times players fake injuries to gain an advantage. 

Referees prevent faking injuries in modern-day soccer by using video assistant referees (VAR). It is a technology that allows referees to check their decisions. The 2019/20 Premier League season was the first to feature the Video Assistant Referee (VAR).

Some examples of the referees watching the replays include penalty calls, sending-offs, and yellow cards.

Do male or female soccer players fake more injuries?

The research shows that males fake more injuries than females. Males tend to fake more injuries.

Studies have shown that women are generally more honest than men. This is due to women’s embarrassment when they behave dishonestly. Conversely, many men don’t care about such things, since honesty doesn’t come naturally to them.

Which soccer player fakes injuries the most?

It is very well known that Neymar Jr has faked more injuries than anyone else. Social media goes crazy over his faking injury clips. 

Faking injuries is a common practice in soccer. Players have been known to fake injuries to gain an advantage on the field.

Are soccer players weak or soft?

Soccer players are not weak or soft, soccer is a game that requires strength and endurance as compared to many other sports. However, these qualities are important in other sports as well.

Soccer players are strong and agile. Soccer is a sport that requires great physical strength. Soccer players need to be able to jump high, run fast, and kick hard. Soccer players also need to be agile and able to move quickly and accurately.


So now you know why do soccer players fake injuries. Soccer players are not weak and they do different exercises to prevent injuries that can occur. Soccer players fake injuries to gain an advantage over the opponent team. The players use it as a tactic but it’s illegal and If the referee sees you, you can get a yellow or a red card.

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