Why do soccer players cut their socks? all you need to know

Do you know why soccer players cut their socks? The answer to this question has been debated and speculated about for years.

There are a few reasons Why do soccer players cut their socks? Firstly, soccer players need to be comfortable with what they are wearing, if they don’t feel comfortable they can not perform well.

Another reason is that the traditional full-length soccer socks are not grippy which means there is a lot of chance of slipping and getting injured. Most probably you can get soccer blisters as well.

Keeping all these things in mind many soccer players cut their full-length soccer socks just above the ankle and replace them with good quality and grippy socks. The remaining part of the traditional soccer socks (from ankle to knee) is used to hold the shin guards as close to the feet as possible to prevent injuries.

Why do soccer players cut the feet of their socks?

There are several reasons why soccer players cut off their traditional full-length soccer socks just above the ankle and replace them with other good-quality socks.

To prevent blisters

As a soccer player, it is important to wear good quality material. Soccer socks should have a good grip on the soccer cleats and not allow the foot to slide around. A simple way to accomplish this is to wear good-quality socks.

When athletes run, they sweat profusely and this moisture begins to collect between the toes and along the sides of the foot. If these spaces are left without protection, then the skin may begin to dry out causing cracks and blisters.

To stay comfortable

The bottom line is that socks help protect the feet from injury while increasing comfort levels. When you’re running around on a field, you need to keep moving! Socks will make sure that your feet are protected without getting in the way.

To improve traction

Some players cut off the bottom of their socks to give themselves better control over the ball.

soccer player do holes in their socks to reduce the pressure

Other players like to do this to improve the performance of their legs and feet. They may have to run for long periods. They may not be able to wear normal socks and they need to have some freedom on their feet.

You only need to put the sock on your feet and it will fit perfectly. It won’t be too tight or too loose.

what benefit is the cutting of socks meant to bring?

To improve grip     

Yes, we can say it can be for improving grip as a better grip helps more to absorb sweat more and keep your feet dry to prevent slipping. It will also help you to prevent blisters on your feet. As the soccer socks grip has low quality of absorbing sweat and you can’t change it as it is part of your kit. So players wear other socks such as Trusox and on that wear cut socks of his kit. 

For Sponsors

Cutting socks can also be for the purpose of sponsorship as a player wears a Trusox of another brand for grip and make holes in the soccer socks to show the other brand socks due to which they make sponsors.

For Fitness

Yes, some players wear it for comfort as wearing too many long and tight socks may cause blood circulation slow in their bodies due to huge calf muscles.

To avoid these types of problems the player used to make cuts in their socks to stay comfortable and keep the blood circulation normal.


Cutting the socks is also becoming a trend as many players follow their ideal who cut their socks. Many players and fans were inspired by many soccer stars. Due to that, it is now becoming a trend of cutting or making holes in the socks.

Is cutting your socks allowed in soccer?

There is no specific rule, but most referees allow players to wear their socks with a hole in them. However, it is up to the referee to decide whether a player can wear socks with holes in them.

Some referees may tell you to take your socks off, but others will let you keep them on. It’s always a good option to talk to your coach and referee before putting on the soccer socks that have holes in them.

Why are traditional soccer socks so long?

To avoid injury

Wearing athletic socks can reduce injuries caused by slipping and falling. When you slip on hard surfaces, you can damage your knee, ankle, or foot. By wearing athletic socks, you’ll reduce the risk of these injuries.

To make sure your feet stay dry

If you sweat a lot, you may want to consider wearing some type of moisture-wicking fabric. These types of socks can pull sweat away from your skin and keep your feet dry.

Team Identity

Soccer is a game of fast pace, when you have the ball at your feet and the opponent is chasing you at that moment you don’t have much time to look up to your teammate’s face and pass the ball.

This is where Long soccer socks help players identify their teammate’s easily just by having a look at their feet. 


Long soccer socks are used for the club branding and its also used for sponsorship

Why Cutting Your soccer Socks is an Ideal Thing To Do?

 When you cut your long soccer socks above the ankle section and replace them with another good-quality sock, it’s a good thing. Blistering is a side effect of wearing shoes. When you wear shoes, your feet sweat, and then the moisture builds up between your toes and under your skin.

As long as you keep your feet dry and warm, there won’t be any blisters. Cutting your soccer socks is the ideal thing to go for.

Another reason why long soccer socks above the ankle section and replaced with other good quality socks can be an ideal thing to do is that you will feel a lot more comfortable as compared to wearing the full-length long soccer socks.

Do all Pro soccer players Cut Socks just above the ankle section?

Yes, Almost all Pro soccer players Cut Socks just above the ankle section. First, they wear good quality socks in their foot section, then they wear the cut long soccer sock on the high feet to hold the shin guards tight.

They use tape to cover the gap or to tighten the two socks together. The tape usually has the same color as the socks.

Equipment for cutting the traditional soccer socks

  1. Chalk/Marker to Marked the area on chalk where you want to cut your soccer socks.
  2. Sharp Scissors to cut the soccer socks

How to cut your soccer socks like a pro?  step-by-step guide

  • For a proper cut, wear the sock (long traditional soccer socks) and pull them up to your knees or where you feel comfortable, after that mark the area where you will want to cut with a marker or chalk. Pro makes a cut just above the ankle.
  • Pull the socks and make a cut with a sharp scissor right on the area that you marked.
  • After that, wear your Trusox (Grip socks).
  • After wearing Trusox (Grip socks), it’s time to wear the long soccer socks that you just cut. Pull them to your knee or anywhere you feel comfortable. 
  • And in the last where Trusox (Grip socks) and soccer socks touch or overlap each other on the ankle, use athletic tape to attach both of the socks. The color of the tape should be similar to your soccer sock (Tradition soccer socks).
Why do soccer players cut their socks

Do soccer shin guards go under socks?

First, wear the grip soccer socks (Good Quality) that you have, Second, wear the shin guards on the high feet, Third, wear the long soccer socks that you just cut, Final step is to use tape(same color as the sock) to cover the gap and to tight the two socks together.

Do soccer shin guards go under socks?

Yes, soccer shin guards go under socks. The long soccer socks are used to hold shin guards tightly to your feet so shin guards can stay in place while you are running around and playing the game without worrying about it.

Do soccer shin guards go under socks?

How high are soccer socks supposed to be?

It totally depends on you, as long as you are feeling comfortable and it causes no irritation while you are playing you can keep it above your knees or under 2-3 inches under your knees. Always remember it’s there to hold the shin guards tighter with your feet.

The best example of this is Thierry Henry and Paulo Dybala. Henry kept it high above the knees, on the other hand, Dybala still keeps it very low, barely covering the shin guards.

Can you use baseball socks for soccer?

Yes, you use baseball socks for soccer only if it’s a family or a friendly match. If you are playing a professional soccer match then you should wear the soccer socks that come with your kit. 

Do professional soccer players wear two pairs of socks?

Yes, almost every professional soccer players wear two pair of socks, pair first goes just a little above the ankle which is known as grip socks and the second pair goes from the ankle to the knees or just above the knees. Players use tape to hold these two socks together or fill the gap between them. 

Do grip socks prevent blisters?

Yes, grip socks help you prevent blisters. Blisters appear when there is moisture (sweat) and friction inside the cleats and this usually happens when you are around.Grip socks keep your feet dry and reduce the friction as much as possible and help you prevent blisters.

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