What soccer position should I play? Everything you need to know


Soccer has quickly become one of the most popular sports in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Though there are 11 players on the field at any given time, each player has specific responsibilities in order to accomplish their goal of scoring goals while preventing their opponents from doing the same. If you’re wondering which soccer position would be best for you, read this article to find out!

The goalkeeper

As with other team sports, goalkeepers are involved in a constant training process to develop and maintain their skills. Goalkeepers must have excellent reflexes, be able to concentrate for long periods of time, and react quickly to shots, crosses, and free kicks.

They play an important role in directing on-field strategy by indicating which players should attempt to defend penalty areas; off-the-ball incidents like collisions affect goalkeepers’ ability to execute. Good communication between the goalkeeper and defense is also essential.

The defender

Although the main tasks of this football position are tackling and blocking goals, their true value lies in keeping attackers from getting in a position to score. A good defender has a strong sense of where play is going and what’s about to happen next. If you’re not sure which soccer position is right for you, consider your strengths and abilities before deciding on center back, defensive midfield, or outside back.

Defending is the hardest soccer position in the game. In this image you can see two girl playing soccer/football

Are you good at stopping attacks as they develop or do you have better reaction time than most defenders? If so, playing as an outside back may be best for you. Does protecting your own goal matter more than stopping opponents from scoring? If so, then playing center back is a great way to get involved in every play without having to cover much ground.

The midfielder

The midfield is arguably the most dynamic soccer position on a soccer team. The main job of midfielders is to support their teammates with solid defense and to set up scoring opportunities with excellent passing skills. It’s an easy position for beginners because you won’t have to run as much during a game and you will be involved in all aspects of play, both offensive and defensive.

The midfielder has one of the hardest positions in soccer. In this image, you can see two boys playing soccer. One person is holding the ball and the other is defending

Football skill-wise, if there’s one position that is great for beginners it would be midfield. However, what makes or breaks a good midfielder isn’t so much his ability but rather his instincts on where and when to run along with his mental awareness of how he reads what’s happening around him in real-time.

The forward

Some soccer positions are based on specific skills and attributes, while others are based on tactical roles. The forward is one of those positions that is defined more by your style of play than anything else. If you like to score goals and create opportunities for your teammates, then you’re going to love playing as a forward. Fittingly, forwards often have high levels of natural pace and excellent dribbling skills—that makes them quite difficult to defend against.

The forward position is the most fun but hard position in the game, In this image you can see a person is shooting the ball while other two are trying to defend it

While it can be tempting to focus exclusively on scoring goals, forwards should try and help out their teammates whenever possible. The more players who are involved in an attack, the greater chance of success there is so make sure that you’re setting up plenty of chances for your teammates!


A soccer field is broken up into three main positions, plus a goalie. These positions are defenders, midfielders, and forwards. Each position has its own unique challenges to overcome but also creates certain opportunities.

Knowing what each position offers and also what it takes to be successful in that position can lead you to make a better decision on which one will suit you best as an individual player. Use these tips to help find your best soccer position.

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