What Do Scouts Look for in a Soccer Player? 8 Qualities+ Full Guide

Are you a soccer player with big dreams and aspirations? Do you want to get recruited by scouts and play at the college or professional level? If so, it’s important to know what scouts look for when evaluating players.

While there is no surefire way to guarantee success, focusing on certain elements can help show scouts that you have what it takes. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the key traits and qualities soccer recruiters are interested in seeing when assessing prospective players.

Read on for an insider look at how all aspiring athletes can draw positive attention from talent evaluators and set themselves apart from other hopefuls!

What do scouts look for in a soccer player?

Technical abilities

A successful soccer player should have exceptional skills with the ball at their feet- this includes passing, dribbling, shooting, heading, and trapping. Scouts want to see a player that can control the ball with precision, accuracy, and speed. The more comfortable you are with the ball, the more likely you are to be noticed.

Some of these skills matter more or less than others, for example, if you are a Striker, dribbling up the field may not be as important as your finishing skills will be, so focus on the skills that are important for your position and develop them as much as possible.

Skills without the ball

Besides technical skills or skills with the ball, scouts are also looking for players who have a good sense of the game without the ball. This means that before they can even think about passing, dribbling, shooting, or trapping a ball, they must be able to read the game and make decisions without it.

Most people think that soccer is all about the ball- but in reality, it’s as much about what you are doing without the ball because most of the time you won’t have it. Scouts want to see that you can move and position yourself properly on the field to get into good positions both defensively and offensively.

Strikers can be a great example of this, it doesn’t matter if they have the ball or not, their movement can also pull players and create space for their teammates.

Physical attributes

Scouts often look for players with certain physical attributes, such as speed, agility, strength, and endurance. Being able to run and move quickly on the field can be key in making a difference. Scouts will also look at players’ height, as this can give them an advantage in certain positions for example goalkeeper.

It should be the combination of physical and technical that makes a player stand out to scouts, so keep in mind that you need to work on all aspects of your game to be successful.

Mental strength

Scouts look for players who are mentally strong and resilient, as this can give them an advantage when it comes to competition. Players need to be able to handle the pressure of big matches and difficult situations, as well as the setback of a loss or an injury.

What Do Scouts Look for in a Soccer Player?

Scouts want to see players who can stay focused and motivated to reach their goals. They want to see a leader who can step up and rally their team in tough times. If you are the type of player who gets disappointed or angry after conceding goals or losing matches, it’s important to work on your mental strength to impress scouts.

Tactical awareness

Having tactical awareness is essential to being successful on the field and is something that scouts are looking for when evaluating players. This means understanding team play, positioning, and how to react to different situations on the field.

Players need to be aware of who is around them, what their role in the team is, and how to adjust if the situation changes. A player who can anticipate and adapt quickly can be an invaluable asset to any team.

Team player

Soccer is a team sport, and scouts want to see that players are able to work well with others on the field. It’s important to demonstrate an understanding of the game and your position, as well as a willingness to work with other players. You should also be able to read the field and anticipate what your teammates may do, as well as adjust to any changes in the game. 

You should show some solo skills and it will make you stand out but only at the right time. You should still be able to show an ability to play as a team. Even if you are the star player of your team, it is important to show that you can still work together and be a team player.

Don’t play like you are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as this can decrease your chances of getting scouted instead be a team player.

Body shape and fitness

A player needs to have the right body shape and posture when playing to be effective on the field. Scouts looking for players who have the correct body shape and posture to play certain positions and roles effectively.

Scouts want to see players who have an athletic build but also have good balance and flexibility. This will help them to be able to play at their best on the field and compete against opponents.

I’m not saying, with a fat body, scout won’t look at you. What is important here is to be in the right body shape to perform your roles effectively on the field.

If you want to get scouted remember to keep your body in the best shape and have the correct body posture when playing. If you are in better shape, chances are high that scouts will not leave you off the list.

Communication skills

Scouts also looking for players who are confident and capable communicators. They want to see that they can effectively communicate with teammates and coaches to get the most out of the team. Communication skills are key in any sport, especially in soccer where so much is happening on the field.

Players must be able to clearly and effectively communicate with their teammates to ensure that everyone is on the same page, which can be the difference between winning and losing a game.

What do scouts look for in youth soccer players?

It is important to keep in mind that scouts are looking for the same qualities in youth players as they are in adult players. What sets these two types of players apart is the potential they can show in the future.

When looking at youth players, scouts want to see that they have the technical skills and tactical understanding to become successful players in the future. They also want to see that they have the physical ability, mental strength, and communication skills necessary to perform under pressure.

Youth players who have technical and tactical skills, a good attitude, and are willing to work hard to reach their personal goals will be the ones who are given a chance by scouts. Players should remember that while they need to have the right skill set, they also need to have the right attitude for scouts to take notice.

What do scouts look for in kids soccer players?

Kids do not have to possess the same skill set as adult players, but scouts are looking for a certain level of athleticism and technical understanding that is appropriate for their age group.

Scouts want to see that kids have a good understanding of the game, can move well, and have an attitude that coaches and teammates can depend on.

Kids need to remember that scouts are looking for potential and are not necessarily focusing solely on the best players. What scouts are looking for is a player who can develop and grow with the team, and become an even better player in the future.

What do soccer scouts look for in a goalkeeper?

Scouts look for goalkeepers who have flexible and agile bodies, good reflexes, and great vision. They look for the ability to anticipate the ball’s trajectory and be able to react quickly to save shots.

Goalkeepers must be able to read the game, be alert and aware of the opponent’s movements, and act accordingly. They also need to be good communicators and able to motivate their team during difficult times.

They also check the dominance of the goalkeepers. Modern goalkeepers not only need to be able to make good reflex saves, but they must also be able to confidently command their area and organize the defenders. This will show that the goalkeeper is a leader and you can increase your chances of being scouted by having these qualities.

What do soccer scouts look for in a defender?

Scouts look for defenders who can read the game and anticipate where the ball will be. They also want to see the good technique and clear communication skills. Defenders must be able to make smart decisions and execute them quickly to prevent the opposing team from scoring.

Defenders must also be able to stay composed under pressure and make the right decisions when in a difficult situation. Being able to read the players on the opposing team and predict where they are going is also important.

The body of the defender can also be a game-changing factor. Scouts look for defenders who have the strength and quickness to outpace the opponents and make good tackles.

What do soccer scouts look for in a Midfielder?

Midfielders are the main link between the attack and defense. They can change the game with one pass or shot. Scouts look for midfielders who have a good work rate, great vision, and creativity.

They must be able to switch play quickly and accurately when needed, as well as have the technical ability to control the ball in tight spaces. Midfielders must be able to read the game and make quick decisions to break down their opponents.

They need good passing ability, good vision, and the ability to control the ball in tight spaces. Midfielders who can make accurate long passes will also be favored by scouts.

What do soccer scouts look for in a striker?

Strikers are one of the most important players on the pitch. They need to have a good first touch, excellent ball control, and accurate shooting ability. They must also have good vision and be able to read the game quickly.

Strikers need to be brave and be able to take on defenders one-on-one. They must also be able to hold off defenders and get into good shooting positions in the box.

Scouts also look for strikers who can make smart and accurate passes to set up their teammates. They must be fast and able to get in behind defenders quickly. Have heading abilities will also stands you out than other strickers.

Where do soccer scouts look for players?

Soccer scouts can be found at youth leagues, college games, and professional matches. They are constantly looking for new talent to find the next star player. Scouts are always on the lookout for players who show potential and have the right attitude to make it in the game.

It is important to know that you can get scouted anywhere and at any level, so it’s important to always give your best on and off the field. There are stories of players being scouted from amateur leagues and even just playing on the street.


Now you know what scouts look for in a soccer player. What’s important to remember is that you need to work hard, stay focused and give your best on and off the field. With the right attitude, you have a better chance of getting scouted and playing at a higher level.

Don’t get disappointed if you don’t get scouted immediately, as it may take some time. What’s most important is that you enjoy the game and stay focused on becoming the best soccer player you can be.

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