The new Adidas X Speedportal+ all you need to know

Can the Adidas X Speedportal+ follow up on the amazing Adidas X speedflow? Or did Adidas change too many things for the sake of it and mess it up?

Well, today I’ll tell you what’s good about the new Adidas X Speedportal+ boot, but also what’s not so good in order to hopefully help you decide if you buy a pair or not.

The biggest change on the Adidas X Speedportal+ lies in the outsole, but we’re going to get to that later because while the upper is still made from Primeknit like last year, it’s also been updated with a new shape and a bit more texture on the upper for better grip on the ball.

 Adidas X Speedportal+

There’s a new heel system for much better stability and lockdown.

The first thing I noticed was the new shape. It’s slightly longer and also a little bit flatter compared to the Speed Floor.

The toe box is ever so slightly higher. It’s still nice and low and pointy and feels really good, but there’s just a bit more room in there.

While you still get this nice and tight and sculpted, very following the shape of your foot sensation, it also feels like there’s ever so slightly more room in the midfoot in the Portal compared to the Adidas X Speedflow.

Now also the reason why the silhouette is a little bit flatter sits in the color because it feels like it falls a little bit more on the foot because it got better compression.

So while it’s easy enough to get on, it somehow feels like it fixates the top of the foot a bit better than on the Adidas X Speedflow where the color was just flapping around for no reason.

But one of the other areas I was really curious about is the prime knit upper and let’s just get it out there.

 Adidas X Speedportal .1

The Adidas X Speedflow set a really high bar, so I had high expectations but I’ll also be honest and say that my first reaction didn’t quite blow me away.

It was nice, but the upper also felt a little bit plasticky. Somewhere in between the Adidas Ghosted and the Adidas X SpeedFlow.

Thankfully it doesn’t feel as obvious when you get it on your foot, even straight out of the box, it feels pretty nice.

What’s even better is that the upper hair softens up quite a lot relatively quickly when you start to wear it, which makes it as much of a pliable dream to wear as on the Adidas X Speedflow.

Then you have your stability wing and your carbon fiber insert here in the heel, which is there in order to help lock your foot in a lot better.

To be fair, it does lock the heel nicely in place and prevents a lot of movement.

Maybe that lockdown also comes a bit from the absolutely gigantic foam package that added us to put in there to make the heel more comfortable and plush and lovely, which it is, but also to prevent your foot from moving around too much inside of the boot.

While it’s not unpleasant in any way, it does affect how the boot feels as a whole.

Now, as for the sizing on this bad boy, the Adidas X SpeedPortal+ feels to me at least a little bit longer than the Adidas X Speedflow.

I still went with my usual size, UK Six and a half, and felt that it was the best option for me.

But I do have a little bit of extra room in these compared to the Adidas X Speedflow, not a problem, just something you need to know.

 Adidas X Speedportal heel design

Adidas X Speedportal+ also feels like it will accommodate most foot shapes but you have to be okay with a snug tidy fit, especially in the midfoot.

The outsole has also changed, but mostly for the better. It’s still got the flexibility for maximum energy return and responsiveness, but the stop pattern and outsole design is all new.

I love the tooling on the Adidas X Speedportal+ but this is just as good I would say.

It’s definitely different and the studs aren’t maybe as sharp as on the Adidas X speedflow, but you still get plenty of light still.

Somehow I felt that the toe of acceleration especially because of the little stud in the middle feels a bit better when you’re pushing off.

You get this absolutely ridiculous snapback, it feels so responsive when you’re accelerating and changing direction and it just screams hardcore raw speed.

The touch will well, it’ll feel largely similar to the Adidas X speedflow, but maybe with a bit more grip thanks to the silicone dots on the instep or the upper.

No, it doesn’t feel like an Adidas Predator in any way. I more think of it as little grip, should we call it enablers, which means that while you still get this very close and honest and shall feel on the ball because it is a thin upper, you also have this matte coating and the little grip dots that offer, shall we say, are an extra little tactile.

 Adidas X Speedportal prime knit upper

There almost natural sensation of extra grip on the ball that I didn’t really notice but definitely still took advantage of in a very subliminal way.

So don’t think about it, I just do things using the grip. So it does feel good whether you dribble or pass or shoot, except for one thing.

That leads me to four annoying things that you need to know about.

Annoying things about Adidas X Speedportal+

Because the actual length of the boot also means to me at least, that the speed Pole doesn’t feel as nimble as the Adidas X Speedflow does.

While I’m definitely okay with it now, it just took me a bit longer to get used to than I would have liked.

Then there is the foam heel package, now I get the idea, but for me, it’s just a little bit too thick.

It makes the heel feel unnecessarily chunky and as if the heel is sticking too far out in the back when you’re wearing the boot.

I would definitely have preferred less or just a thin and foam package.

Then there are these rips or fins on the upper. Now I’ll be honest, I have no clue what they’re there for and they don’t really do anything, they’re just there.

Finally, there is the lockdown, I’ll be honest, it’s decent most of the time, but when you really do extreme moments and you test the boot, I would have liked just a little bit more because it is a Speed boot after all and lockdown means responsiveness, so it’s not a deal breaker, but I felt you should know.

 Adidas X Speedportal green

If you’re one of those players with lockdown masses, why not just get an Adidas X Speedporter with the laces? Well, you could, but look, I love the Adidas X Speedflow .1 its a really great boot. It does a lot of things right, you get slightly less premium materials but to a certain extent, it feels like an Adidas X Speedportal .1 which is laces and a bit better lockdown.

But there’s one thing that I had a bit of a hard time coming to terms with and that is the higher toolbox, which to me just feels unnecessarily chunky and a little bit clumsy and I’ve actually not managed to adjust to it yet.

Where I would normally trend towards the point ones because of the extra lockdown, I think I like the Adidas X Speedportal+ a bit better.

So did Addidas mess up? Well, in the grand scheme of things I would definitely say no because the Adidas X Speedportal is still a very good boot.

It’s not miles better than the Adidas X Speedflow, to be honest, it’s also kind of difficult.

But it still does a lot of the same things right as the Adidas X Speedflow with this relatively tight-fitting, really sculpted, and actually super soft upper.

Of course also the sensationally responsive outsole. I will say that if I have to choose, I probably prefer the Adidas X Speedflow because of the slightly more nimble feel in the heel.

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