Laceless Vs Laced Soccer Cleats: Which One Is The Best For You?

Laceless vs laced soccer cleats? Are you trying to decide which type of soccer cleats is right for you? Or which one is better? Let’s find out.

Laced soccer cleats have been in the market since the beginning of soccer, while laceless soccer cleats are relatively new. Even though laceless soccer cleats have been available for some time now, the debate of laceless vs laced soccer cleats still rages on.

Yes, there are some benefits and drawbacks to both laceless and laced soccer cleats. In this article, we’ll examine the laceless vs laced soccer cleats debate and try to weigh the pros and cons of each type and which one is best for you. We’ll also cover some of the frequently asked questions about laceless vs laced soccer cleats so let’s get started.

Laced soccer cleats


  • Laced soccer cleats can be adjusted to fit your feet as tight or loose as you like.
  • They also provide better comfort and a secure fit. Lacing also helps to secure the foot in place and prevents slipping while playing.
  • Laced soccer cleats are will support your feet in muddy and wet conditions.
  • It also prevents the wrong moment of the foot inside soccer cleats.
  • Laced soccer cleats can be worn by players of different positions and playing styles.
  • They are preferable for players with a low budget because they come at a lower price than laceless soccer cleats.
Laceless Vs Laced Soccer Cleats


  • If laced soccer cleats are not tied properly or too tight, they can be uncomfortable and cause foot pain.
  • Putting on and tying laced soccer cleats can take more time compared to laceless cleats.
  • They might need more time to break in.
  • Moreover, you need to tie them again and again in order to prevent them from loosening up due to vigorous playing.

Laceless soccer cleats


  • Laceless soccer cleats provide you with a plane striking area that maximizes the accuracy and power of each shot you take.
  • Laceless soccer cleats give you a barefoot sensation.
  • Laceless soccer cleats are breathable as compared to Laced soccer cleats. They provide great airflow and keep your feet dry and cool.
  • It also provides a better and bigger surface area that helps the player in better ball control.
  • Compared to laced soccer cleats they are lightweight and provide good speed. Moreover, because there are no laces, they are very easy to put on and take off.
  • Laceless soccer cleats are easy to clean.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of laceless soccer cleats is that they don’t provide the same secure fit as laced soccer cleats because the fit of these types of soccer cleats solely relies on the stretchy material.
  • Laceless soccer cleats may become loose and stretched over time and It will not be a great fit after playing in them for like a month.
  • Laceless soccer cleats are also available at a relatively higher price compared to laced soccer cleats.
  • When laceless soccer cleats become loose over time, they may put your feet at risk because laceless soccer cleats don’t offer the same stability as laced soccer cleats.
  • If your feet move around in laceless soccer due to fitting issues, your feet can develop blisters faster.

Are laced or laceless cleats better?

Ultimately, the debate of which one is better laceless or laced soccer cleats will depend on your personal preference. Both types of soccer cleats have their own advantages and drawbacks. So, it’s up to you to decide which type of soccer cleat is best for you.

For whom are laced soccer cleats the best?

  • Soccer players who prefer secure and customized fit.
  • Soccer players with narrow feet.
  • Soccer players who play in muddy and wet conditions.
  • Players who have a lower budget.

For which positions are laced soccer cleats the best?

Laced soccer cleats are great for Defenders and Attackers. These players require more stability, traction, and support from the soccer cleats because they’re usually involved in intense runs, tackles, and duels much more often. Laced soccer cleats will provide them with enough support to help them perform better during such actions.

For whom are laceless soccer cleats the best?

  • Laceless soccer cleats are best for Kids and all lazy players who don’t want to bother with laces.
  • Soccer players who love the barefoot sensation.
  • Players who have wide feet.
  • Players who are involved in more shooting or dribbling because it provides a wider and cleaner surface.
  • Soccer players with a bigger budget or daddy’s money.

For which positions are laceless soccer cleats the best?

Laceless soccer cleats are great for Midfielders, Forwards, and Wingers. These players usually require more freedom of movement and ball control. Laceless soccer cleats will provide them with more comfort, flexibility, and a larger striking area which helps them in better ball control and making clearing shots.

Laceless soccer cleats will also help them in quick and decisive movements on the pitch. It helps them to be quick in changing direction, cutting and accelerating quickly.

Which type of soccer cleats is difficult to maintain laced or laceless cleats?

Laced soccer cleats are hard to maintain and clean compared to laceless soccer cleats. Laced soccer cleats require more effort and time to clean laceless soccer cleats because you have to remove the laces and all of the dirt and debris from each lace hole.

On the other hand, laceless soccer cleats are much easier to maintain and clean. You just need to remove the insole and rinse or wipe the laceless soccer cleats with water, that’s it.

How do laceless soccer cleats work?

Laceless soccer cleats work by using an elastic material that wraps around the foot and provides a snug fit. It is designed to be tight and secure on your feet, allowing you to make quick movements without feeling any discomfort.

The laceless design also provides a larger striking surface for shooting and passing the ball. The laceless soccer cleats adjust themselves to your feet’s size and shape which gives you a barefoot sensation and provides you with more control over the ball.

Best laceless soccer cleats

Adidas has been doing laceless cleats for some time now, and they are a leading brand in producing laceless cleats. Adidas has several laceless models like Copa Sense, Speed Flow, and Predators but one of the best laceless models they have introduced is the Copa Sense.

Copa sense models are usually made with leather which provides a comfy fit, and the laceless design helps to provide a larger striking area for passing and shooting. The stretchy material wrapped around the feet provides a barefoot sensation which helps in better ball control. They also provide good protection.

The only drawback about these Copa Sense soccer cleats is that they may be a bit heavier than other soccer cleats and they may be a bit pricey.

On the other hand, Nike is also producing laceless soccer cleats. One of their best models laceless models is the Phantom GT. The laceless design of these models provides a secure fit, and they are lightweight which helps in quick and decisive movements.

The laceless design also helps to provide a larger striking area on the foot which helps in better shooting and passing of the ball. The only thing that concerns most players with these laceless soccer cleats is that they don’t provide good protection.

If I had to choose between these two laceless soccer cleats, I would choose the Adidas Copa Sense laceless soccer cleat because it provides better protection and a secure fit. But If you are someone who likes to run a lot on the field, then the Nike Phantom GT laceless soccer cleat is an ideal choice.

Best laced soccer cleats

Nike, Adidas, and Puma are some of the brands that produce laced soccer cleats. But Nike has been dominating the market of laced soccer cleats. One of the best-laced models they have introduced is the Mercurial Superfly.

The Mercurial superfly cleats are usually made with synthetic material which provides a lightweight feel, and the laced design helps to provide a good fit and lock your foot in place. These soccer cleats also help to provide good traction with the ground to improve acceleration. The only thing that concerns most players with these laced soccer cleats is that they provide less protection.

Other than Nike, and Adidas there are other famous brands like Puma, New Balance, Under Armour, etc. These brands produce great soccer cleats laced and laceless soccer cleats.


In conclusion, the debate of laceless vs laced soccer cleats can be a tricky one. Both laceless and laced soccer cleats offer their own benefits, so it is important to consider the type of player you are and the types of activities you will be doing. Laceless soccer cleats provide a snug fit, more control, and a larger striking surface for shooting and passing.

On the other hand, laced soccer cleats provide a more secure fit, better protection, and more comfort. So the choice between laceless and laced soccer cleats comes down to your personal preference.

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