Is Club Soccer Worth It? The Real Cost And All You Need To Know

You’ve probably heard this argument before, should you pay to play club soccer, and is club soccer worth it? After all, there are thousands of free soccer leagues out there, so what’s so special about club soccer?

While the answer may seem obvious to some, it’s not always that clear-cut. Here’s what you need to know about club soccer and whether or not it’s worth your money. If you have any further questions after reading this, please comment on this article and I will be happy to answer them!

What are soccer clubs for?

Soccer clubs give you the opportunity to learn and enjoy soccer with like-minded people by participating in different tournaments around the country.

soccer club worth. A boys in a club soccer match wearing red kits and they are ready to play soccer match

Most soccer clubs are open to anyone between 8 years old and 18, but there are also adult clubs for more serious players. However, playing club soccer is a very costly investment for some reason, and let’s have at how much it can cost you? and why it is so expensive.

How much soccer club could cost?

According to a recent study by Sporting Goods Intelligence, when factoring in equipment and uniform costs, parents paid an average of $1536 on their kids’ soccer club teams. That’s almost twice as much as what was spent on baseball, basketball, and hockey combined!

In this image you can see a cartoon kicking money to show us that how much soccer club cost?

In some states like Florida, California, and New York it can cost over $2000 per child and this cost can be much higher if your kid has to travel for different matches in different cities. So why does club soccer cost so much? How are you supposed to know if it’s really worth it?

Why Does Club Soccer Cost So Much?

If you’re one of many parents getting your kids ready to participate in a soccer club, you might be wondering why soccer clubs cost so much. In the US soccer clubs work on a pay-to-play model, this model means you should pay a particular fee if you want to play in the club.

The main reason why soccer clubs cost so much is that soccer clubs in the US usually don’t get any sponsorships or funds to spend on clubs from third parties because soccer is not much popular in the country.

An old woman holding a lot of money in both of her hands

However, in Europe, the cost of soccer clubs is not so high because most of the time soccer clubs get sponsors from third parties where most clubs ask for donations in exchange for advertisements so they get a lot of their money to spend on their clubs.

Is Club Soccer Really Worth It?

Paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for a club to enroll your kids to play soccer, Is soccer clubs really worth it? Well, it depends on many reasons so let’s deep dive into it and see if is it really worth it or not.

Is your kid good at it?

Aside from how much it costs, there are two important questions to ask when deciding whether your kid should join a soccer club: is he or she good at it, and does he or she enjoy it? If your kid is good at playing soccer then playing in a soccer club defiantly worth it because it will improve the playing style which will help him/her play at a high or professional level if he/she wants to.

Kids are playing soccer and they are celebrating their victory

There’s no point in paying for something your kid doesn’t want to do. If you’re not sure whether your child will like being part of a soccer club, introduce him or her to other children through after-school programs at their school. To sum up, if the answer to the question above is “yes” then paying to play in a soccer club is undoubtedly worth it.

Can you really afford the cost?

Soccer clubs and programs have become more prominent over time. However, there are still many families who struggle to afford club soccer. If you are going to enroll yourself or your kid in a soccer club think about if you can really afford it because you will have to pay different fees and dues such as tournaments, coaches’ salaries, uniforms, hotels, food, etc.

If you’re struggling to find ways to pay for your child’s soccer program, it may be worth looking into soccer scholarships or financial aid programs that can help offset some of your expenses. Many community colleges offer grants, scholarships, and tuition waivers for students who play sports on their teams. There are also a few private organizations that give out money for college-bound student-athletes in need of funding.

Benefits of Club Soccer

Playing club soccer comes with a lot of benefits. First and foremost, playing club soccer will help you develop your skills. If you want to play soccer in college or even professionally, you need to be playing at a high level and that’s exactly what club soccer will do for you. You’ll be playing against better competition, which will in turn make you a better player.

In addition to developing your skills, another benefit of playing club soccer is that you’ll make friends. Spending time with teammates at practices and games will allow you to form strong bonds with them. These friendships can last a lifetime.

Finally, another benefit of playing club soccer is that it will help you stay active and healthy. Soccer is an excellent way to exercise, and by playing club soccer you’ll ensure that you’re getting enough physical activity.

Why You Should Not Play Club Soccer?

If you’re currently in a competitive soccer club and have been for some time, you might be wondering if it’s worth it. You might even wonder what you’re getting out of your investment. The truth is that playing club soccer has its benefits but there are definitely some downsides to consider.

in this image, you can see two kids playing soccer one of the kid is wearing Messi's and barcalona shirt

Knowing both sides of the competition can help you make an informed decision on whether or not club soccer is right for you. Some of these disadvantages are given below:

Highly Competent Coaches

If you decide to join a soccer club, make sure you have a skilled coach. Make sure he or she plays and guides your children. Most of the soccer club coaches that show themselves as very “highly competent” don’t have much knowledge of youth education or youth psychology.

In this image, you can see a soccer coach is guiding his player

First impressions are important, so watch them during play. Any good youth coach will usually discuss different things with you in order to get your opinion on your kid’s skill development as well as be able to answer any questions you may have about him (coach) or your kid.

Lowering the self-esteem

People who suffer from low self-esteem sometimes take up a sport as a way to gain confidence and feel accepted. However, most people come away feeling worse after getting involved in organized sports. One reason is that they quickly realize they’re not good enough at their chosen sport.

This can make them feel like they are losers in general or that something must be wrong with them. Another reason is that sometimes coaches have a negative attitude towards those who don’t meet their expectations and will let those players know about it through verbal abuse or exclusion from practices and games. Both types of insults tend to result in feelings of worthlessness for those targeted, which is counterproductive when trying to build self-esteem.


Playing in a club soccer league can be one of the most time-consuming activities you’ll ever take on. More than likely, it will cut into your social life, family time, and/or sleep. To be an effective and valuable member of a team, you need to practice, play, and travel with your team regularly

In this image, you can see the watch with roman words

Even though these sacrifices are worth it in some cases before you decide to play competitive soccer, ask yourself if you’re willing to give up these things. Only you know what’s best for you, but make sure that club soccer is something that’s really worth all of these sacrifices.

High Cost

One of the biggest disadvantages of club soccer is the cost. Not only do you have to pay for your child’s membership fees, but you also have to pay for their travel expenses and equipment. If you want your child to play on a competitive team, the costs can quickly add up.

Club Soccer is not much competitive

While it’s not difficult to understand why many parents are happy to sign their child up for a soccer club, what they often fail to realize is that it’s incredibly difficult for children under 12 years old to succeed on a competitive team. As your child gets older and gets better at soccer, you might notice that he or she is always playing with older kids.

In this image, you can see a young kid playing soccer

That can be a sign of trouble as good players are being kept off top teams because coaches want to win games and don’t have time to train younger players properly. The result? If your kid turns out not to be great at soccer, but he or she still loves playing, there may be a better club that can keep him or her in love with the game while also improving their skills.


Lastly, club soccer can lead to burnout. Because it is such a time-consuming and competitive activity, it is easy for young players to become overwhelmed and lose their love for the game. If your child is no longer enjoying themselves, it may be time to consider whether club soccer is right for them.

Is it worth it to play college soccer?

Yes, it’s worth college in fact college soccer is a viable alternative to club soccer. Despite what some people think, college soccer offers good competition and scholarships. The first thing that some parents wonder about is if playing for a college team will help their child’s chances of getting into a good school. The answer is yes, but not as much as you might think.

In this image, you can see student are throwing their hats in the air and they are celebrating their convocation day

College coaches are always looking for top players. Often, coaches try to attract promising athletes before they’ve even applied to the college. In short, it may give your student-athlete an edge over other applicants but can’t ensure admission to any specific school or guarantee an athletic scholarship at all.

The Differences Between Club and High School Soccer

If you’re a soccer player, you’ve probably wondered about the differences between club and high school soccer. Which one is better? What’s the difference between the two? Let’s take a closer look.

Club Soccer

Club soccer is typically more competitive than high school soccer. Club teams are often made up of the best players from a particular area, which means that the level of play is generally higher. club teams also tend to play more games than high school teams, which gives players more opportunities to develop their skills.

High School Soccer

High school soccer may not be as competitive as club soccer, but it has its own benefits. High school teams typically play fewer games than club teams, which gives players more time to focus on their studies. In addition, high school soccer provides players with an opportunity to represent their school and community, which can be a great source of pride.

Which is better Club Soccer or High School Soccer?

? There’s no easy answer to that question. It depends on what you’re looking for in a soccer experience. If you’re looking for competition and the opportunity to develop your skills, club soccer is probably the way to go. If you’re looking for a balance between soccer and academics, high school soccer might be a better option. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.


To conclude the discussion on the question of Is club soccer is worth it or not. This totally depends on your condition. Club soccer is great and can be a good way to get involved in soccer at an early age if you are passionate about soccer and want to pursue it professionally.

In this image, you can see a girl is training for the match

However, it is not something everyone should do because of a lack of playing time, game schedules that conflict with school schedules or practices, high costs, and travel expenses.

Also, consider your college or school, If your school has a good club soccer program then go for it. Comment with your suggestions and questions I would love to answer them all.

FAQS | Is Club Soccer Worth It?

What age to start club soccer

The younger you are, the better soccer player you become with the passage of time. I would recommend start playing club soccer at a young age as possible. This way you will be able to develop your skills and if you are talented you can end up becoming a professional soccer player.

Why is youth soccer so expensive?

There are a few reasons why youth soccer is so expensive and that is because of the fee that a team has to pay to take a part in the competition. The cost goes even higher when the team pays for referees, turf preparation and concessions stand, etc.

How much does youth soccer cost?

Youth soccer normally costs 2000-5000 dollars a year per player. In this fee, the team is usually responsible to provides uniforms, insurance, referees and coaches’ fee, etc.

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