How to Paint a Soccer Ball? step-by-step guide

Have you ever wondered if you could paint a soccer ball? Of course, you can! But what if you’ve never tried it before? Would you know how to do it? Would you know where to start? Well, here is a step-by-step guide to help you understand the process of how to paint a soccer ball.

Things you need to do before painting a soccer ball

Cleaning the soccer ball

To clean the soccer ball, first, soak it in water and then put some detergent on it. Rub the soccer ball with a soft brush to clean all the dirt. If you don’t have any brush, you can use a spare towel for that. 

Wash the ball under running water. Repeat this process until the ball is completely clean. Don’t try to rub any hard thing to clean the soccer ball because you can end up damaging the ball.

If you are using a ball that has low quality try to avoid washing the ball under running water, as you may know, low-quality soccer balls are not water resistant, which means chances are there that the water will go inside the ball and it can cause damage. 

Drying the soccer ball

After cleaning the soccer ball with water and detergent, Now it’s time to dry the soccer ball. You can use a clean towel or any clean piece of cloth to dry out the soccer ball. After drying out the soccer ball with the towel you can now place the ball under sunlight to dry the ball completely.

If it’s too hot I would recommend not placing the ball in direct sunlight. The ball can burn and burst if it gets too much sunlight. In this case, you can keep the ball in shadow. You should check the ball often to see whether it needs more drying time.

Applying Tape

After the ball is fully dried. Now it’s time to tape those areas of the soccer ball that you don’t want to paint. First, you have to cut the tape into smaller pieces. Make sure you cut them in the correct size.

Next, you have to press the tape onto the surface of your soccer ball. You must press the tape hard so that it can stay stuck to the surface of the soccer ball perfectly. I would highly recommend using good-quality tape because if it gets removed during the painting process, it can destroy your design.

Before we start painting the soccer ball, you need to protect your body. For that, we need some precautionary measures which are given below:

Precautions you need to take before painting 

Avoid eye and paint contact

While spraying the soccer ball use glasses or keep your eyes away from the sprayer because there’s a chance that paint can go into your eyes which can result cause the eyes burning and you might be unable to see for a while. But if it happens, wash your eyes quickly.

how to Paint a Soccer Ball

Keep the distance of sprayer and ball in mind

When spraying the soccer ball there should be at least a 1-foot distance between the sprayer and the ball for getting a good result. By that, your hand will also be protected from the paint as sometimes paint sticks with your hand and may cause disease.


Before painting the soccer ball, it’s very important to wear gloves. I know you don’t the paint to be all over your hands. Wearing the will save your hands from the paint as well as it will save your skin from harmful chemicals in the paint. 

Different ways to Paint a soccer ball

  • Air spray paint
  • Acrylic Pouring Paint
  • Spray Gun paint
  • Hydro dipping technique

How to Air spray paint on a soccer ball 

Choose a design/colors

To paint a soccer ball, you will first need to choose a design. You will need to think about the colors that you will use to paint it. It will be good to use dark colors because they will stand out on the soccer ball. 

You should also pay attention to the contrast ratio of the color that you have chosen. You will need to make sure to buy the right size of air spray so that it will cover the soccer ball completely. The design that you have chosen should not be too large or too small. If you want a clean design, you will need to choose the colors carefully.

Start spraying 

You should always wear gloves when you are about to start painting your soccer ball because the paint will stick to your hands and they will not go away easily. You can protect your hands by wearing gloves. 

You should also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the spray. It is also important that you are wearing a mask. This will help you to protect your lungs. Start spraying your design. Make sure you get the detailing of the design right. It would be amazing if you spray your design twice, just to make it visible enough. 

Try to use a good quality air spray because if you use low-quality spray you might have to spray the soccer ball after every 2-3 days

Let the ball dry

After you finish spraying, don’t touch the soccer ball because the paint might still be wet. Leave it for a few minutes just make sure that you wait until the paint is fully dry.

You don’t want to spray something and then have it stuck to your hands and fingers. If you leave it for a little while, the paint will dry enough to be safe. If you touch it, the paint will come off the surface very easily and it could get all over your hands and fingers. 

Remove the Tape

After leaving the soccer ball for a while to dry, now it’s time to remove the tape that we applied. You don’t want to use excessive force.

If you want to remove the tape gently, you should carefully peel it off the surface. You should avoid applying any more tape over the previously applied tape. After peeling the tape from the ball, now your newly designed ball is ready.

How to Acrylic Pouring Paint on a soccer ball

Choose a design 

The very first thing that you need to do is to choose a design that you want to do on your soccer ball.  There are several different types of designs you can choose from. You can choose a simple design. Simple designs can be easily done by mixing one or two colors. 

It’s hard to make a complex design with Acrylic Pouring Paint if you are doing it for the very first time. You can always make your unique design by using different colors and giving it a personal touch. If you don’t have a design in mind, you can look for inspiration on the Internet.

Choose the colors

Always choose those Acrylic Pouring Paint colors based on the design and the mood you want to create. If you don’t choose the design before buying colors, you can end up spending a lot of money.

 If you use low Acrylic Pouring quality paints the colors on the soccer ball will fade away after some time. Always go for high quality, if you don’t have a high budget It is a good idea to start with small sizes of acrylic paint because they are affordable.

Filling the open areas

Before pouring acrylic paint on the soccer ball you need to will up all the gaps with the glue. Filling the gaps will stop the paint from going inside the ball and it won’t damage it.

Too little glue will leave the gaps unfilled, always try to use a balanced amount of glue while filling out the gap.

Acrylic pouring paint

Start pouring paint

Firstly, you should put a canvas (used) below the soccer ball before pouring paint on it. Secondly, Mix up the color in a disposable glass and make the design you want to see on the soccer ball.

Now, it’s time to start pouring paint on the soccer ball. Slowly begin pouring paint on the center of the soccer ball. It reacts just like honey, it will go all the way down the bottom itself. if is not reach any specific area you can pour paint there and keep pouring the paint until it’s all over the soccer ball.

Avoid touching the soccer ball while pouring the paint, it can damage the whole design. Don’t pour too thick or thin a layer of paint. You shouldn’t use brushes or anything to paint on the ball. 

Let the ball dry

After painting the soccer ball. It’s time to let the ball dry. Acrylic pouring paints are thick so they will take some time to dry, and it can take a few hours. If it’s too hot, don’t dry the soccer ball directly under sunlight. You can use a fan to dry out the ball fast.

Avoid not moving the ball anywhere after it’s freshly painted, it can ruin the design. Always decide to paint the ball in a safe spot so you don’t have to move it here and there.

If you have kids or pets in your house, make sure that they don’t play with the soccer ball before it has dried.

Remove the Tape

At this stage, the soccer ball should be completely dried. Remove the tape gently from the soccer ball if you applied before pouring the paint on the soccer ball.

Never use a knife or any other hard thing to remove the tape from the soccer ball. you may damage the surface of the ball.

How to Paint a soccer ball with a spray gun

Choose a design

Firstly, You must choose a design if you don’t have any idea of what design to make on the soccer ball. There are lots of soccer balls available on the internet, you can choose from those. 

Avoid choosing a complex design if you are using the spray gun for the first time. If you are an expert you can choose and make a complex design.

Choose the colors

It’s important to choose a design before you choose the colors. It will save you a lot of money. Avoid purchasing colors that don’t match your design. Try to purchase good quality colors because they will reflect on the overall appearance of your soccer ball. 

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the colors, you can buy small boxes instead of big ones. You can also get some advice from friends or family members who have used a spray gun before, they will guide you better.

Start spraying

  1. Remove the paint box from the spray gun and fill it with the color you want to paint on the soccer ball.
  2. Fix the paint box in the spray gun.
  3. Set the amount of paint you want the spray gun to throw (low or high). I would recommend keeping it low because the surface of the soccer ball is not very big. You can also choose the shape of it too for example you can choose a square or circle. Play around with it and choose it the way you like.
  4. After choosing the amount and the shape of the paint the gun will throw. It’s time to test the spray gun on a chart or paper to see if you chose the right amount and shape of paint the spray gun is going to throw. If you didn’t like the amount and the shape of the paint the spray gun threw, you can play around with it. Keep changing it until you like it.
  5. At this stage, the gun should be ready and everything should be decided. Now you can start spraying the soccer ball slowly. You should paint the ball twice, it will cover the soccer ball in case you missed areas that are not painted. It’s ideal if you let the first coat dry at least for an hour before applying a second coat.

Let the ball dry

After painting the ball with the spray gun it’s time to let the paint dry.  If you are impatient, you might move the ball while it’s still wet. This would be very harmful. You shouldn’t move the ball until it’s completely dry. It would be ideal if you leave the ball at least for an hour to completely dry.

Do not expose them to direct sunlight if it’s too hot. The best place to paint and dry your soccer balls is the garage. The good thing about the spray paint is that they throw thin paint and it dries very quickly.  

Remove the Tape

At this stage, the ball should be fully dried. You should start peeling the tape that you applied to prevent the areas of the ball that you didn’t want to get painted paint. you should remove the tape gently.

How to Paint a soccer ball by hydro dipping

There are many techniques to create a designed soccer ball but not everyone has access to the equipment and tools required to do so. One of the simplest ways to create your own designed soccer balls is to use the Hydro Dipping technique.

Hydro dipping is an amazing and easy method for creating a unique item in less than a minute without any special skills. It’s also much cheaper compared to other methods.

let’s have a look at how you can paint a soccer ball with the hydro dipping technique

Choose a Design 

To create a design on the soccer ball, you must first decide what kind of design you want to create. If it’s hard for you to choose a design. There are lots of designs available on the internet you can have a look at them.

Always make sure that you choose a simple design, if you are doing hydro dipping for the very first time.

Choose the colors

Now that you have chosen the design it’s time to choose the colors that match your design perfectly. Don’t waste your money buying colors that don’t match your design.

Try to buy good quality colors, it will last longer. It’s always a good idea to speak to an expert or the people who paint something using the hydro dipping technique.

Take a Bucket Filled with Water

After choosing the design and the colors, it’s time to design the soccer ball with the hydro dipping technique. Start by taking a bucket filled with water. Warm water is ideal for the process. 

Your second step should be to spray paint the design on the upper layer of the water in the bucket. 

If you are completely satisfied with the design you made on the upper layer of the water. It’s time to dip the soccer ball in that water. Hold the ball tightly with your fingers using both of your hands and start dipping the ball in the water slowly. 

painting a soccer ball through hydrodipping

Remember that the surface of the ball should be the first thing that will touch the surface of the water. Avoid touching your hands with the paint on the water.

Keep moving the soccer ball back and forth in the water until the paint stick to the surface of the ball. After it’s fully painted, you should dip the soccer ball fully in the water. Move the ball back and forth inside the water for 5 seconds.

Now you can take the soccer ball out of the water.

Let the Ball Dry

Now the ball is painted. Let the ball dry after it’s painted. It could take a minimum of 30 minutes to dry the soccer ball completely.  You can either let the ball stand in the sun only if it’s not too hot or place it under a fan this can make it dry out faster.

You should also avoid putting the ball on carpeted surfaces it can damage the paint. If you have kids or pets in your house, you should not let them touch the ball until it’s completely dry. 

Remove the Tape

After the ball is fully dried, it’s time to remove the tape that you applied to the areas that you didn’t want to get painted.

You shouldn’t use any hard thing like a knife or blade to remove the tape from the ball, it can cause damage to the ball and the paint as well. It’s very easy to remove the tape. Just peel off gently using your fingers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is painting a soccer ball easy?

Yes, Painting a soccer ball is very easy and everyone can do it even if they don’t have any experience.

Does the ball increase the weight of the soccer ball after the paint?

If you are using spray paint or using a hydro painting technique the weight of the soccer ball will not increase. But if you are using Acrylic paints it might get a bit heavier but won’t feel.

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