How to juggle a soccer ball 100 times? A full guide of tips

For many soccer/football players, it’s only a dream to juggle a soccer ball 100 times or more. Now that I have learned I’m here to give you a full guide on you can do it.

Each soccer player has to develop his unique style of play, all great players have skills and techniques that they use to stand out in the competition.

However, there are some freestyle soccer skills, like juggling a soccer ball 100 times or more, that every player can learn and master with just a little practice and instruction on the correct technique to follow. With practice, you’ll be able to do more than just juggle the ball more than 100 times.

What is freestyle soccer?

Freestyle soccer is different from soccer in many ways. First, it doesn’t use any kind of equipment there are no goals or nets for scoring, and players have their techniques for determining who won a game. Second, freestyle soccer often takes place off of actual fields you might see players juggling around in parking lots or on beaches.

In this image, you can see a person doing freestyle soccer skills you can see the person has soccer ball in the feet and he is in the air

And finally, freestyle soccer is known much for its creativity. Players are constantly inventing new moves to impress judges or audiences.

Now freestyle tournaments are taking place around the world where different professionals show off their freestyle skills, it’s a whole industry but most people are not aware of it.

Big companies are now investing in this industry like Red Bull gave sponsors to one of the most famous freestyle players Sean Garnier.

What is juggling in soccer?

Juggling a soccer ball 100 or more times is an incredible skill that many people wish they knew how to do. The basic goal of juggling is to keep soccer or any other objects in constant motion without dropping them or letting them touch the ground.

You can use your feet, head, chest, and knees when you are juggling a soccer ball.

In this image, you can see a soccer player doing trying to juggle a soccer ball 100 times. you can see a soccer ball on his foot

It’s a very basic freestyle skill and once you master juggling you can easily master other freestyle skills. Whether it’s team-building with friends or putting on a show for the family, there are countless benefits to juggling.

Juggling improves your control of the ball, Soccer juggling will enhance confidence in young players and allow them to be more creative, Soccer juggling offers older players new challenges when it comes to training.

What is popcorn juggling in soccer?

It’s a type of juggling in which you stand straight while holding the soccer ball in your hand. Drop the ball and wait for it to hit the ground. The moment a soccer ball comes up after hitting the ground you need to juggle it and then let the ball hit the ground again.

How to start juggling a soccer ball

Before you learn how to juggle a soccer ball 100 times or more, you need to know how to juggle a soccer ball. If you don’t know how to do it, follow the steps below to learn juggling.

Stand straight while holding the soccer ball in your hand. Drop the ball and wait for it to hit the ground. The moment a soccer ball comes up after hitting the ground you need to juggle it 1 time and then let the ball hit the ground again.

Keep doing this until you are able to do this without running uncontrollably all over the ground. Now it’s time to go to the next step.

Start Juggling the soccer ball1 time then let it bounce on the ground. Juggle it twice. Let it bounce on the ground. Juggle it trice. Let it bounce on the ground. Don’t give up if you fail, Start over when you mess up and this is how you will learn juggling.

Exercises that will help you learn to juggle a soccer ball 100 times or more

  • Throw the ball from your hand and kick it one time back into your hand, keep doing it with both of your feet. This exercise will allow finding the right spot on your foot where you can strike the ball and it will come upwards into your hands. In most cases, it should be the place on your shoe where the laces begin. Do this at least 20 times each foot without losing the ball or running all over the ground.
  • Do Popcorn juggling.
  • Keep increasing the juggling gradually. For example, instead of juggling the ball twice, juggle the ball trice without letting it touch the ground.
  • Keep practicing it until you master it.

How to juggle a soccer ball 100 times

Start with a lightweight soccer ball

Pick up a lightweight ball if you’re new to juggling. The lighter weight helps you focus on properly grasping the techniques.

As you improve, look for an intermediate or advanced model it’ll be heavier, but it won’t get stuck in your feet as some lightweight balls do.

If you start with a normal soccer ball that will be a bit heavier this way It could be a bit harder for you to learn faster as compared to a lightweight soccer ball.

In this image, you can see a blue and white UEFA champions league soccer ball

Always wear cleats, even when training indoors, or your fingers might get caught between your foot and other equipment.

If that happens, your finger may slip into one of your shoes which is definitely painful and will probably slow down practice time significantly.

Wear right footwear

When you try to juggle a soccer ball 100 times, wearing the right footwear is essential. Wearing wide feet soccer cleats could give you an advantage as the surface area is bigger than regular shoes.

As you probably already know that soccer boots with smaller surface areas provide more control while playing soccer and they won’t help you much when juggling soccer balls.

There are lots of wide feet soccer cleats available in the market, so please make sure what is the best for your feet before buying one of them.

In this image, you can see an orange soccer boot of Nike

Also, make sure whether you are comfortable or not wearing these cleats when trying to juggle with soccer balls and even if it feels uncomfortable then also avoid wearing them because feeling comfortable all the time will not be possible under any circumstances when trying to perform freestyle moves on soccer balls.

Get your technique right

First and foremost, you’ll need some technique. Sure, it sounds like something that should be fairly easy to pick up on your own but in reality, knowing what you’re doing is vital if you want to pull off these difficult tricks.

A YouTube search for “soccer juggling in soccer 100 times” will turn up several tutorials and demonstrations from experts who can teach even an amateur how to get started with basic moves and build from there.

Because each person learns differently, using tutorials (or finding someone in real life) will help make sure you don’t skip over any steps.

In this image, you can see a girl/lady playing soccer and she in juggling the soccer ball while practicing

Beginners, should start with simple one-foot juggling and eventually work up to juggling with both feet at once. It might sound difficult at first, but as long as you remember your technique and don’t give up too quickly, it’s doable for anyone!

Once you can perform basic one-foot juggling comfortably and consistently, you should try attempting two-footed tricks.

Practice juggling

It is almost impossible to learn how to juggle a soccer ball 100 times without practicing. Start with easy juggling tricks and work your way up.

You will not become good at juggling overnight, so don’t let that discourage you. It may take time, but you can get good at it if you are persistent.

Don’t try juggling in public until you feel comfortable doing it at home.

In this image, you can see a girl playing soccer and she is warming up while juggling a soccer ball 100 times

Once you have mastered juggling a soccer ball 100 times then you will be ready to move on to more difficult tricks like spinning around while juggling or juggling even more balls.

Just remember practice makes perfect! Have trouble getting started? you can watch tons of tutorials on youtube broken down into small steps so they’re easier for beginners to understand!

Don’t give up if you fail

If you’re just learning how to juggle, don’t give up if you fail 100 times in a row, you can use that as an indicator of where you need work.

Mastering your balance with one foot is going to help you balance on two feet, and gaining control of your timing will increase your accuracy.

Failing will give you the most valuable lessons that you will learn from anyone!

In this image, you can see a boy an anger and motivated and the boy is holding soccer ball in his hands

You’ll never feel like it’s enough because there’s always room for improvement (and there always will be).

As long as you have eyes on improving, though, keep practicing and remind yourself that practice makes perfect. Once mastered it becomes something automatic in your daily life but not until then.

Involve other freestyle soccer skills

Once you master juggling a soccer ball 100 times you should for more advanced freestyle skills like bounce juggling, toss juggling, spinning, and other tricks.

If you practice multiple styles and can master them all, you’ll have more fun as well as more opportunities for creativity.

Once you’ve reached your goal of juggling a soccer ball 100 times without dropping or letting go of your ball it should be easy for you to master other skills because now you are more confident.

In this image, you can see a boy is showing off his freestyle soccer skills

Take pride in every single improvement! Don’t forget about conditioning as well; give yourself 10 minutes each day to just do the non-soccer-related activities like pushups/situps or running drills that will help improve your overall athleticism/stamina/endurance. You won’t regret it! Good luck out there!


The freestyle in soccer is considered an art. A good juggler should be able to fully show their skill and ability with the ball.

The best part of juggling is that it doesn’t need any equipment, making it cheap and easy to try out. If you have any interest in playing soccer or just want something fun to do, start learning how to do a simple combination then work your way up from there.

In this image, you can see a person showing off his freestyle soccer skills with soccer ball holding in his feet

Don’t be afraid if it doesn’t come easy as every player has had their own experience with juggling or performing tricks during practice and games.

Whatever you can do, no matter how difficult or intricate will never compare to what you can do off of one.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How to juggle a soccer ball in one day?

Answer: I would say it’s nearly impossible to juggle a soccer ball in one day but if you still want to give it a try follow the guide above.

Question: What is the most football juggling in the world?

Answer: There is no official record of juggling (touches) the football with feet without letting it touches the ground but a person from the UK name Nathan Davies did 6,539 consecutive football juggles (touches) with the knees and he is the world record holder according to Guinness World Records.

Question: Which soccer cleats are the best to juggle the soccer ball?

Answer: There are no specific soccer cleats that I would recommend. You should practice it with the cleats that you already have.

Question: How much air should I fill in a soccer ball to practice juggling?

Answer: If you are just starting, I would recommend inflating the ball with a bit of low pressure. However, if you already know a bit about how to juggle a soccer ball you should inflate the ball according to the FIFA standards.

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