Do soccer players wear metal cleats? all you need to know

Do soccer players wear metal cleats? Are they allowed? Well, Soccer players wear different types of cleats, including rubber cleats, plastic cleats, and metal cleats.

When you hear about metal cleats you must be thinking that they are dangerous and they are not allowed in soccer but guess what this is not true! Wearing metal soccer cleats are allowed and soccer player wears them. Let’s find out full information on metal soccer cleats.

What are Metal Soccer Cleats?

Metal cleats are the cleats same as other cleats but the difference is in their sole. The difference in the sole is due to a piece of metal attached to the sole of a metal cleat, and that piece is known as a metal stud. While other cleats have studs of rubber or any other material like plastic etc.

Difference between metal and other cleats

The difference between soccer and other cleats is that metal cleats have metal studs on their soles which give a smooth grip on soft ground while other cleats have rubbers on their soles which helps to play better on the hard surface.

synthetic soccer cleats vs Metal soccer cleats. Do soccer players wear metal cleats?

Metal cleats are more costly than other cleats due to metal studs on the sole of metal studs and the life of metal cleats is longer than other cleats.

The metal studs of metal cleats can be changed if broken or damaged while other cleats studs are damaged or broken, they can’t be changed.

Why do Players wear Metal Cleats?

This is true that pro soccer players do wear metal cleats. The reason why soccer players use metal cleats is that it gives an advantage to the players on soft and wet grounds. 

It gives an excellent grip to the players while standing on the ground. 

Because the surface is soft and metal cleats give good traction as it is harder than other materials like plastic. Metal studs go deep into the wet ground which results in form of giving the perfect grip and stability to the player.

On the soccer pitch you can see the grass in air

Its other benefits are that its studs are hard and do not bend and keeping the player safer from injuries on the soft grounds.

Another benefit is that if the studs of metal cleats are damaged then they can be changed and due to that it is also easier to clean the cleats well. Also, it has longer life due to its metal studs which can’t be damaged easily or broken.

What are Soccer rules about metal cleats?

The soccer rules about the cleats are allowing the player to use any type of cleats. So the players can use it. NCAA rule state that:

“Cleats should be worn by all participants in a game. Cleats containing aluminum, leather, rubber, nylon, or plastic cleats, studs or bars…are allowed as long as the referee does not consider them dangerous”.

Is it allowed in every match?

It can be used in every match if referees allow you. You might see in minor leagues metal cleats are banned due to safety issues.

It is prohibited in some cases when a referee declares it dangerous or illegal or if you damage another player with your metal cleats. Here dangerous means if the studs of metal cleats are sharp which can cause injuries to other players.

Is it safe to wear metal cleats?

Metal cleats are safer to wear on wet, soft, and grassy grounds as it provides a good level of traction to the player. It will keep you safe on the grassy ground and will prevent injuries. It will give you the advantage of moving freely and staying comfortable. Keep in mind it will give you advantages only on soft, wet, and grassy grounds.

soccer ball on the foot of a soccer player with two-player tackling

 But it is not safer to wear it on a hard surface because it can lead you to an injury as its hard studs on hard surfaces will not provide a player a good grip and there is a chance that the player falls and face ankles and knees.

Drawbacks of wearing metal cleats

There are also drawbacks one of them is that if a person uses metal cleats on a hard or wrong surface it will get injured as it is only for soft and wet grounds.

The other big drawback is that if a player steps on another player’s foot while wearing metal cleats intentionally or unintentionally, it will give serious injury to the other player’s foot due to the metal studs tip of metal cleats.

injured soccer player of Chelsea FC. Do soccer players wear metal cleats?

Metal cleats used on the wrong surface of turf also damage the surface of the ground. And It is also pricier than the other cleats and if you use it wrong surface you will lose its feature of long life and your money too.

Does the professional wears Metal cleats

Yes, professionals wear metal cleats for the best grip on the soft ground which helps them to be comfortable and allows them to move quickly on grassy and wet surfaces.

Cristino Ronaldo also used metal cleats while he was in Manchester united against the soft and humid surface of the grounds. But he also prefers plastic cleats more than metal in Real Madrid. Gennaro Gattuso is the perfect example who always prefers to wear metal cleats.

Is it worth buying metal cleats?

Yes, it is worth buying metal cleats but It depends on the surface you are playing on. If the match is on a wet or grassy surface then you should get one because it gives the player good support and will make him perform his best.

a soccer player stepped on the soccer ball

If the Player plays on a hard surface then it is not worth it for the player to buy it as it will be useless because it is not made for hard surfaces. On a hard surface it can not give traction and it become more slippery, instead, a player can get seriously injured if he/she is playing on a hard surface with metal cleats.

Is wearing cleats allowed for youth soccer players?

Yes, metal cleats are allowed for youth soccer but it’s not recommended because there is a strong possibility of injuring other players. A youth player can use it if the referee of the match allows the player. 

The referee of that match has the authority to allow or disallow the players to wear metal cleats. They disallow wearing metal cleats when they think that the play style of a player is aggressive and can injure other players.

Are you allowed to wear metal soccer cleats in high school soccer?

Yes, but it’s extremely dangerous for other players so, many referees will not allow it because in high school soccer there are more chances that a player can hurt other players as you may know that school players are not fully developed. Most of the time they can kick high, step on other players, or can tackle hard which means other players are open to a lot of serious injuries.

two soccer players lying on the ground

These injuries can impact their future soccer career badly. So metal cleats are allowed in school soccer only if the referee allows but it’s not recommended.


In my opinion Metal cleats are good as they give a good experience on wet, soft, and humid grounds. It has a longer life than others if it is used on the right surface. And it’s better to use than other cleats if your only intentions are to use it for a better experience, not for ginning damage to other players or damage the surface of the ground.

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