Can You Play Soccer with Glasses? all you need to know

If you have weak eyesight and you are a soccer player, you might be wondering, Can you play soccer with glasses? The answer is no, You can not play soccer with standard glasses but there are alternative solutions to that.  But first, let’s discuss the reasons why you can not play soccer with glasses.

Why you can not play soccer with glasses? 

It can cause serious injury to you 

It is very common for a soccer player to fall or lose balance while playing soccer which is fine. But It can be dangerous for a soccer player if he/she loses his/her balance, or falls on the ground while wearing glasses. There is a high risk of getting injured as they may experience breakage of glasses.

3 injure soccer players

There is a high chance that the lenses of the glasses will break and go straight into your eyes. Secondly, the frame can also go directly into your eyes and can seriously injure you. If it happens, you can get blind permanently and if the injury is severe it can end your carrier.

Danger to other players 

If you are wearing glasses while playing soccer it can be dangerous for your opponent players. 

The collision of two players is very common in soccer. If you are wearing glasses while playing soccer and you can collide with other players, they can get injured with the frame or the lenses of your glasses. There are many more ways you can injure other players.

Rules for glasses in soccer

According to FIFA rules, it is forbidden to wear everyday glasses while playing. The reason behind this is that glasses can be dangerous not only for the player who is wearing them but also for the opponents.

FIFA allowed the players to wear special sports goggles during the match. These goggles are designed to protect players from injuries caused by collisions with the ball or players. Most of these glasses are designed for safety and protection purposes. They also enable players to see clearly.

A former Dutch professional soccer player Edgar Davids wearing soccer glasses or sports glasses

Glasses are costly

As you know playing soccer involves a lot of running. During running around on the field your glasses can easily fall off and break. Normally, glasses cost can cost you $150-$200 which is very expensive and you can not buy them again and again. 

Some players may come up with the solution of attaching a strap to the glasses and then wearing them. You can avoid falling the glasses this way but it’s not a good solution as there is a high risk of injury.

Glasses can cause distraction

When you are running around while playing soccer, the glasses will go up and down, and sometime you may feel like they are going to fall.

This can cause discomfort and distraction. It will make it hard for you to concentrate on your game and you will not be able to play the game at your full potential.

Best possible solutions

Some people believe that you cannot play soccer unless you have perfect eyesight, But, this isn’t true at all. You will be surprised to know that there are many professional soccer players having vision problems but they don’t stop playing. let’s have a look at some of the solutions of how you can solve this problem.

Don’t Wear glasses

If your eyesight is not too weak I would recommend playing without glasses. Start practicing without glasses before the match and see how you feel. By doing this, you will be able to figure out whether your vision will affect your performance on the field.

Good eyesight is important and it gives a soccer player an advantage over the other players but it’s not everything you need to be a good player. You should focus on your ability to read your opponent, be quick, be accurate, and be confident about your skills and your skills.

A woman wearing soccer glasses or sports glasses and playing soccer glasses. Can You Play Soccer with Glasses

Wear Sports Glasses

Many people suffer from weak eyesight, and they need glasses to see clearly. Sports glasses are an amazing alternative to everyday glasses. sports glasses offer protection and a clear view to ensure safety while you are playing soccer. 

The lenses are made out of strong polycarbonate plastic that will not break even if you get hit with a ball. The frames are comfortable on your nose and will protect your eyes.

One drawback of sports glasses is that you may find them difficult to carry are they are a bit heavy. But once you get used to it you will feel comfortable. Sports glasses are a good option for kids. 

Use Contact Lenses

If you don’t have good eyesight and you want to play soccer, contact lenses can be a great solution. They are so light that you won’t feel like wearing anything. The best thing about contact lenses is they won’t fall out which means you can play comfortably.

a girl wearing contact lenses

When you wear contact lenses, it will increase your vision. The reason why is that it will change the focal length of your eye. There are different contact lenses for every person so before buying any contact lenses make sure you see an expert or a doctor.

Wearing contact lenses can be uncomfortable for the first few times. Also, they need to be cleaned regularly so if you are a lazy person then I would not recommend wearing contact lenses. 

Laser Treatment

Above are the solutions that are not permanent. If are a player that plays soccer daily, you should go for a permanent solution instead of a temporary one. Laser treatment is the best and most permanent solution.

A doctor doing eye laser treatment  for a patient

Laser treatment is a bit costly so make sure that you have the funds before you go for it. It normally costs $2500-$5000 (In your case it may be different), but it is worth every penny. Before going for any action you must ask a doctor and take his/her opinion on the issue.


Wearing everyday glasses are not allowed in professional soccer games. Avoid wearing standard glasses in a friendly match as well because not only you can get seriously injured but chances are there that you can injure your opponents too. According to the budget, you have gone for a proper solution like sports glasses, contact lenses, or laser treatment.

FAQS | Can You Play Soccer with Glasses

Can I play soccer without glasses?

Yes, you can play soccer without glasses if your eyesight is not too weak. If your eyesight is too weak you have to wear contact lenses or go through a laser if you want to play soccer without glasses.

Does Eyesight Matter in Soccer?

The ability to see gives you an advantage over other players, but it is not the only requirement for a good soccer player. To be a good player, you need quickness, passing skills, shooting skills, and many other things.

Which Soccer Player Use Glasses?

A former Dutch professional soccer player Edgar Davids was famous for wearing his iconic sports glasses. On September 4th, 1999 Edgar Davids was seen wearing glasses. 

Which Soccer Player Uses Contact Lenses?

Some of the most famous soccer players that wear contact lenses are Cristiano Ronaldo, David De Gea, and Mario Balotelli.

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