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5 signs you will become a pro footballer/soccer player

Today I’m going to discuss 5 Signs you will become a pro footballer/soccer player. If you have these signs that means you are on the right path.

Every young footballer dreams of becoming a pro, and we’ve all had those moments when you question if you have what it takes to make it, Well.

Repeat until you succeed Sergio Ramos quotes HD PC wallpaper

 I’m going through 5 signs that indicate you’re at least on the right path to becoming a pro footballer/soccer player. 

These are things that impact your entire life and go beyond just being a very good and skillful player, as the long journey to reaching the pro level is much more than just skills.

Even if you currently don’t tick all the boxes, I strongly recommend listening through the entire thing, as you’ll probably learn something new or get inspired to work even harder.


This is the point that usually gets referred to very loosely as hard work and dedication but more specifically, you need to be fully committed to the long-term vision by understanding the importance of daily work.

Then actually doing something about it.

 In my experience, young people, in general, have a difficult time looking 5,10, or 15 years ahead.

Especially when you start comparing yourself to more successful teammates around you and being able to understand that doing something every single day for the next 15 years of your life to reach your goal is usually the key to success. 

This point also includes having a strong mindset, as to be committed every single day, the players that will turn pro don’t give up after getting a difficult injury when they don’t get chosen for a team or sit on the bench for five matches in a row.

Dedication and hard work are the signs you will become a pro footballer/soccer player

Some of the most successful players I grew up with that turned into professionals for big international leagues were not the superstars growing up.

 But in the long term, they outworld the others while they were living in the bubble of teenage success and forgetting about getting to work every single day.

 Sitting on the bench sucks, let’s be honest. 

But if you know you’re working harder than all the rest, don’t be discouraged even if it’s not your time just yet. Have faith in the day-to-day.

Having realistic goals

Number two is clear and somewhat realistic goals. If you don’t know what you’re working towards, it’s difficult to determine the progress you’re making and I specifically want to talk about the harsh reality for most pro players out there.

 If your only plan is to be a pro at the age of 19 and play in the Premier League, chances are you’re dreaming way too big. 

I know this is difficult at a young age, but you need to think hard if you’re only satisfied with becoming a Premier League superstar, or would it be enough to make a modest living playing soccer/football somewhere around the world but not getting rich?

Angry boy holding football

Because that’s the reality for the majority of pro footballers. 

It’s very easy to get fooled by the young superstars both in the big leagues and also in your environment. 

Reaching a certain age while still playing in the lower divisions might be a bit of a letdown and a huge reason why most players give up on their overly big dreams. 

It’s great to have big goals for the future, but knowing the amount of competition worldwide, you need to have a clear idea of what success looks like for you so you know where you’re heading.

Strong support

The strong Support Network is a bit of a tricky one.

 I strongly believe the younger you are watching this, the more important this point is at a young age, everything you do is controlled and supervised by adults, your parents, a guardian, teachers, and coaches.

You get the point and becoming a top athlete requires effort, sacrifice, understanding, time, and dedication also from the people around you, whether it means paying for your hobby. 

Driving you to practice, getting enough food on the table, and overall supporting your soccer/footballing dreams at the age where education, relationships, and future career plans play a major role as well. 

coach guiding a football player to become a pro footballer/soccer player

Make no mistake, this does not mean you need the most expensive this or the coolest that to have the so-called strong support network. 

In fact, you don’t even necessarily need everyone around you to fully believe in you. 

From my experience, if you don’t have these basic safety networks in place, growing up to become an elite athlete is that much more difficult and requires an exceptional mentality, especially the younger you are.

Skills and Talent are the signs you will become a pro footballer/soccer player

Even though becoming a pro is a combination of a lot of things, you need to be technically, tactically, and physically above the average players to stand out from the millions around the world fighting for the same dream you have.

 I will not spend too much time on this point as all of you know.

Having skills are talent are the signs you will become a pro footballer/soccer player

If you can’t perform at a high level throughout those 90 minutes, it doesn’t matter if you have realistic goals or the most supportive network around you.

Luck factor

And lastly, you need a bit of luck and you need to keep your eyes open.

Let me start by saying I kind of hate the word luck as I believe everything happens for a reason. 

But I equally count it among the 5 signs you will become a pro footballer/soccer player

In soccer/football, you never know who you’re going to meet or which teammate you will click with.

Who comes to watch your match, or which coach wants to keep you and his team regardless of where you both go. 

Luck is also a sign you will sign you will become a pro footballer/soccer player

In short, this point is not just about luck, It’s about you actively jumping into new challenges and making sure you take advantage of the scenarios that are suddenly thrown your way. 

So instead of being all negative and complaining that you’re always so unlucky, you need to read this between the lines and be ready to react when that life-changing moment comes your way.

“Luck is predictable, the harder you work the luckier you get”

Brain Tracy

No, you can’t blindly rely on luck, but most pro players will remember those key moments that happen unexpectedly, so always keep your eyes open. 

Now, if you made it this far, you should understand becoming a pro is a mix of many pieces falling perfectly together.

Don’t be fooled by the simple-sounding bullet points, as the truth is always hidden somewhere between them.

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